What is an ‘NRAS’ Property?

NRAS is the ‘National Rental Affordability Scheme’, designed to create more affordable options for qualified renters. It encouraged a limited number of investors to reduce the rent charged by 20%, in exchange for a yearly payment of $11,048 from the government, which more than covers the reduced rental income.

The NRAS scheme has come to an end, which means no new NRAS properties. So finding a quality existing NRAS property to add to your portfolio has become more difficult, but the reward is high because of the increased yield, and low vacancy rates.

We help by sourcing the best NRAS property deals around Australia.
(We can also setup trusts and SMSF entities if you would like to purchase in your super fund.)

What is an NRAS property?

NRAS: A government initiative helping renters & investors.

WAI Group: One of Australia’s premier NRAS property sellers and investment advisory companies. For our current NRAS stock list: contact us.

Q. How does NRAS benefit investors?

A. Increased property income.

To achieve this, we assess your position & needs, provide a selection of high yielding NRAS properties & research to suit, then track & report on your results.

You can add NRAS property to your Super

We can create your SMSF. ‘Self managed super funds’ can purchase property investments, and NRAS property can provide 7% yield.

NRAS Property Selection

Excellent Property Selections

All of our NRAS properties meet strict standards.

As we are not affiliated with the builders or developers, our only goal is to ensure we select & present the best available NRAS property opportunities to our clients. Our NRAS properties are:

Quality NRAS Property Investing’s Holy Grail

Attractive to renters, while providing market beating yields. Just two of the reasons property investors love NRAS, contact us for more.

Isn’t NRAS finished?

Yes. While there are no new NRAS credits being issued by the Government, there are still NRAS properties part way through their lifetimes. For example, many still have 6, 7, 8 or 9 years to run.

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Who are we?

We are a W.A. based company, specialising in property investment, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF), SMSF taxation, insurance and wealth creation. www.waigroup.com.au

A small selection of our NRAS properties for sale

Here is just a selection of our NRAS properties for sale. To reserve a property for your portfolio, or get the most up to date properties available, contact us here.

Canadian, VIC
existing tenants

Yield 7%
NRAS 8yrs $11,046 p/a

Long Gully, VIC
existing tenants

Yield 7.4%
NRAS 8yrs $11,046 p/a

Canadian, VIC
existing tenants

Yield 6.9%
NRAS 8yrs $11,046 p/a

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